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ENJOY Collection The collection for four seasons 2022/23
Zardouz-Basic / ENJOY

ENJOY Collection by Mohammad Amin Poureskandarian

ENJOY Collection

The glorious nature with all the mountains is transforming into a city full of skyscraping. This was a message from my eyes to my mind, followed by my heart calling me to listen to the voice in my head and enjoy the game of life. this whole inspired me when I create and designed the “ENJOY Collection”; a collection of cotton and knitwork clothes. There are 22 looks in this limited-edition collection from Zardouz Couture.

The collection also features 3 looks of Zardouz Haute Couture; with hand-knitted embroideries on velvet and lace that depict Wheat and Hoopoe (Symbols of Goodness and Blessing in Iranian Culture). A license is attached to every piece to ensure that it is unique. The clothes we wear are all part of our history and culture, which is why we welcome them with open arms.

Each piece is one of a kind with a license.
Undoubtedly every piece we wear is a piece of our historical and cultural identity, which is why it is welcomed by eyes and heart.
Mohammad Amin poureskandarian