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Enjoy collection

The great and glorious nature with all its mountains transformed into a city full of skyscraping buildings. This was a message from eyes to mind, an then it was heart which was loudy calling me: Listen to my voice and enjoy the game.
This was my inspiration when I create and design ENJOY Collection; a collection of cotton and knitwork clothes.
ENJOY collection consists of 22 looks of Zardouz Courture which is produced in limited editions. And Also 3 looks of Zardouz Haute couture ; with motives of Wheates and Hoopoe (Symbols of Goodness and blessing in Iranian Culture) as hand-knitted embroideries on velvet and lace fabrics.
Each piece is one of a kind with a license.
Undoubtedly every piece we wear is a piece of our historical and cultural identity, which is why it is welcomed by eyes and heart.
Mohammad Amin poureskandarian

ENJOY Collection

The collection for four seasons 2022/23
This is a gender free and free size collection and all the embroidered is done in zardouz studio.