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Nature is the source of inspiration for Zar-Douz, and it is highly influenced by the coexistence of mountains and water. The clothes’ pattern is designed in such a way that the body can easily pursue a wide range of movements and activities, and the clothes can be used for a wide range of various sizes and shapes. Gender is not found in most clothes, and gender-free clothes bring about the same function and comfort for everyone. Based on its shape and personality, each piece of clothing has its name. The choice of fabric, color, and pattern is highly influenced by nature and the dark side of technology. These fabrics have an original and artistic identity, and they are attractive for all ages. All of them are (vertically, horizontally, and diagonally) lined and embroidered in the Zar-Douz fashion house. Zar-Douz introduces itself as the couture for everyday life. Embroidered sewing gives a new texture to the fabric and is more flattering, and its most important part is the touch of this texture on the clothes, which gives us the sense of touching a tree. No more than 15 items are tailored for each pattern, and each piece of clothing is produced with a large number of patterns and colors, and the clothes without patterns are made in greater numbers. Zar-Douz store is located in Sam Center in Tehran, Iran. The store’s interior design tries to virtualize an explosion caused by war. The vision of the designer is to try to display Middle East’s crisis, and its impact on everyday life.

About Creative director

Mohammad Amin Pour Eskandarian was born in October 1990 in Tehran. He is a BA holder in French translation, and he has passed different courses in fashion design at different levels.

Mohammad Amin Pour Eskandarian:

My interest in fashion design started at the age of 9. I entered the family business of selling glasses at the age of 15, but I was still busy studying and improving as a fashion designer. eventually, Zar Douz was founded in 2016.  I think of Zar-Douz as a modern gypsy teenager which trying to present a combination of happiness (from nature) and darkness (from the dark side of technology and modern life).

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1st Floor, Sam Center, Fayazi(Fereshteh) St, Tehran, Iran

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